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System BIOS settings can make a big difference

Well today I was trying to capture video from the camcorder and I wanted to use one of the two new 120GB drives I had installed. I use Pinnacle Studio version 8. When choosing a location to store the captured video, Pinnacle Studio first tests the drive to see if it is fast enough to read and write to. Both of my new drives failed.

Hmm, why is this. The short story is that I went into BIOS and noticed that the drives weren't configured in there. I also noticed that the fastest UDMA speed was set to ATA 33. All three drives in my system are ATA 100 drives. I tried the UDMA speed setting first. No luck. I then configured Primary IDE Drive 1 and Secondary IDE Drive 0 and 1 to Auto. Low and behold, the read and write times are 20-25 times faster than before.

Moral of this story...double check your configuration after you add new hardware. Simple things like letting your BIOS know what is installed can make a big difference.

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Was browsing Google and found your site, enjoyed the reading, thanks

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