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Harris Vacation 2002

Well here we are on our first train trip. My first impression of the room is how small and run down it is. After a while you get used to it.

Cherie has fallen asleep and Trey is fighting it. I think she got up too early and was a little stressed with getting ready and struggling wuth Trey. Trey wouldn't look at lunch, and had a hissy fit when we put his backpack in a locker so that we could find lunch. He got over it but not until we had repeatedly reassured him that he would get his backpack back. He really doesn't listen to the entire sentence, just cerrain words.

As I write this we have gone through Milwaukee. Not much to see from the tracks. Of course some of that could be because I am looking at my PDA instead of the window.

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Hope you guys are having a good time, and sure hope the little man is enjoying the train...even if he can't wear his backpack ALL the time LOL.


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