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Perry's Christmas Wish List 2006

I thought I would share my Christmas wish list, just in case someone wanted to go out and spend money.

Concrete Nail Gun

I have a few projects where I need to nail some wood against the concrete walls in our basement. This would help there.

Craftsman CompuCarve

I'll bet I could program this to make some wicket Pine Wood derby cars.

T-Clock Shirt

What can I say? The geek in me thinks this is cool. And since I work in the home office, I could even wear it to work.


I just like this product. I've used the 30 day trial several times to produce great demos of how to do something. Maybe my manager will see this list.

Mind Manager Pro

Hal 9000 USB Memory Unit

Who wouldn't want some extra memory?

ScanGauge II Automotive Computer

I like to know what is going on. Also would come in handy that inevitable day when the check engine light comes on.


This would be very usefull. Just how much does it cost to run the server all the time?

Black Video I-Pod

80GB of course


I've always wanted a Mac.

Thinkpad X60 Tablet

This would make a sweet replacement for my current Thinkpad. I'd like it with the SXGA screen, the 100GB hard drive, 1.5GB of memory and the 8-cell battery.

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