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Tuesday, October 17

NIPSCO was supposed to install the gas meter yesterday. I called them this morning and they said I was on the schedule for today. As we neared the end of the day I called again for status and they again tell me I'm on the schedule for today. At this time I'm not quite believing the customer service rep and press for them to verify, which they do. They inform me that they work on Central time between 8 and 5, which is 9 to 6 hear in Eastern time.

I head to the house around 5:40 just in case they decide to call at the last minute and then blame it on us not being there. I pull up at 5:55, see that no one is there and call again. They tell me that their installations do in fact go beyond 6:00, they just don't normally schedule them that late. Arrgghh.

When I get in, I am pleasantly surprised to find that the plumbers have been in and appear to be done. I call Cherie to tell her to stop by the house, she is with Trey.

The Garage door opener has also been installed.

I decide to wait around a bit and put in more of the data jacks. Around 8:00 I call back, this time they tell me that their guys were swamped with a large number of emergency calls for gas leaks. I rescheduled for tomorrow. Why couldn't they just tell me when I was calling before that their guys are swamped with emergency calls. I'd understand, and then I wouldn't have wasted so much time.

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