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Friday, June 23

There's tar paper on the roof, with bundles of shingles stacked up there, too.

They framed in the attic accesses in both the garage and in my closet.

The fireplace area is boxed in, as is the hearth.

Some of the final trimwork is around some doorways (like the garage) and along the roofline.

They have more Tyvek on the house.

They framed in the walls around the first floor stairway.

They put in the basement stairway & framed the walls around it down there.

They've also put up a metal support post in the basement, with the others down there waiting to be put up.

Water puddles on the first floor are gone, but still puddles in the basement. It's rained nearly every day this week (usually a heavy rain in the afternoons).

They cleaned up the place, too.

Trey & Alexa had fun seeing their rooms for the first time. We walked them through the whole house & told them what each room was. I think everyone's excited about the new house!

Perry talked to Mike, our builder, and on Wednesday they both are going to meet at the house for an "inspection". Since Bluffton doesn't have any building inspectors, they are going to do their own to make sure everything's looking good. Also told Mike about the dryer vent needing to be on the right, instead of the left as currently marked, as per our pre-con discussion which he remembered us talking about. And had him note that there weren't any markings for the fan in the WC (in the master bath) when we walked through yesterday, but it's on the plan. Those were the only "problems" that needed to be addressed so far. Everything's looking good. Mike said they ordered our windows a bit late & they planned on putting those in this week, but they won't be here until the first of July. So, instead they're going to start putting in the mechanicals & do the windows when they arrive. Moving right along......

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