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Have you ever seen a Gigapixel Picture?

Max Lyons has produced an amazingly detailed picture using a 6 Megapixel camera, software and skill.
Gigapixel Images

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Yes I've seen it, I believe his site featured in a State Wide newspaper called the Courier Mail, in a technical section. The state, by the way, is Queensland. While all you Americans scratch your heads I'll tell you Queensland is in Australia... Yep the picture featured in an Australian newspaper...

Anyway, the picture really is something, the resized image of one of his 100pixel-height crops actually cant be opened on many conventional picture viewers as the width cant be handled by them - over 40 thousand pixels, the full width of the picture. Resized, the crop shows astounding detail...

Lyons alledgedly had to write new programs to handle it... this guys a genius

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