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June 1, 2003

What a rush

It's taken me a week to write about it, but I finally got to drive a race car.

On Saturday May 24th, I went around the Chicagoland speedway 8 times with a high speed of 138.97 MPH. It was a great experience.

I remember the seccond corner, this is the corner where you are leaving the apron, and going on up the track. I remember thinking, "I can't just give up here, I have to do this, or I'm going straight into that wall."

I also remember that I saw very little other than the instructor's car ahead of me and the flag stand. I didn't see the tach after the first corner. I didn't see the oil light. I really got tunnel vision.

Would I do it again? Every chance I get. If I could go right now, I'd do it.

What would I say to others thinking about doing this? I would suggest the ride along first. I didn't do this, but I think that if I did, I may not have gotten so tense and may have seen more than the instructor's car. Also, wear a hat and sun screen. I received a very bad sunburn because I didn't do either.

Look for photos soon. And maybe a short video.

Pre - Finding Nemo

Today we are going to see Finding Nemo. Trey has been talking about seeing this for three weeks.

Cherie picked up a sticker book on the movie earlier this week. She and Trey read all the picture captions and placed all the stickers in their right place. Trey probably knows more about this picture now, than I do.

It should be real fun, tell you about it later.

June 9, 2003

New Computer in PHactotum Land

Finished building a new computer for our house. This one will be placed in the living room so that Trey, Cherie and I can all work on individual computers. This one is mainly built for quite operation, web, email, simple games, but not serious gaming.

I didn't customize this one at all. All the parts are off the shelf. We have a Sharp 15" LCD monitor on its way. Maybe someday I'll build a custom case.


For more pictures click here. Careful 1.7 MB.


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