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Go Fly a Kite

So, it is spring time. The wind is blowing, the sun is shining, what a better activity than flying a kite.

Grandma and "Papa" bought a kite for Trey and today we took it out in the yard to fly it. The whole family was out there; Trey, Cherie, Grandma, Papa, and me.

Trey really liked flying the kite. We were all suprised at how well he held on to the kite. It would almost lift him off the ground and yet he could hold on. Of course one of his favorite things was to let go and let either me or Papa run after the kite as he let go. He just laughed as one of us ran after the kite.

We even had it get stuck on top of the barn.

All in all it was a good day for all.


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